Uptown Liberty Plaza

Uptown Liberty Plaza


Providing On Trend Fashion – For Confidence, That Radiates Through Your Wardrobe

The way you dress reveals a lot about your personality and lets people who-who you are before a single word comes out of your mouth. When you shop at UPTOWN, you can dress in clothes that make a positive statement about who you are.

Stylish, exciting and remarkably controversial topics what is an abstract gorgeous clothing and accessories that instantly radiate confidence through your appearance. What’s more, we have carefully hand-picked all our clothing collections, ensuring that fashion for you comes effortlessly while keeping in mind that stunning clothing doesn’t have to come at an unbeatable price. Get the fashion today, and feel the effect immediately.

It’s time to nail your new-year’s fashion goals.


With a clearly defined set of values and a strong commitment to our outstanding quality, we strive to provide the finest clothes and accessories that will satisfy the modern needs of every age group. Here at UPTOWN, we are aware that our brand heritage lives and expands only by exceeding our customer’s expectations. For that reason, we are driven to deliver the fashion and value you deserve.



UPTOWN by Kandy was created with one goal in mind. To break through the mold of uncertainty in the fashion world and deliver happiness all around. Every day, we are working our way up to becoming the #1 Department Store for any size ever and thanks to our dozens of happy customers we are getting closer to that every single day.


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Products / Services Offered

WOMENS WEAR - Dresses, Sarees, Tops, Crop Tops, Pants, Denim Overalls
MENS WEAR - Shirts, T shirts, Jackets,
OFFICE WEAR - Office Blouse, Office Pant
KIDS WEAR - Boys Wear, Girls wear
BRANDS - Uptown Brand, Black & White, 13 Teen, PRIVATE LABEL
BRANDED WATCHES - Balmain, Ceruti, Aigner, Hanowa



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