The Race of Mobile phones

The Race of Mobile phones

Right now, there are growing trade tensions between the USA and China. This trade tension is pretty much bad for US companies and Chinese companies who are directly involved in business with each other. But there is always a party who could gain a lot of benefits from a rivalry like this, and in this scenario, it is Samsung, one of the world’s largest phone manufacturers.

Talking about Samsung’s competitors, in the smartphone world, Huawei comes first as they were gaining the smartphone market share by a considerable margin. With the USA ban, Huawei no longer cannot offer google services, cannot produce their flagship Kirin chips, and, most importantly, lost the public’s general trust. With Huawei out of the picture, Samsung has a tremendous opportunity to capture the market share of Huawei mobile and become the number 01. So, after Huawei, Samsung mobile’s other rival in the android phone market would be Xiaomi mobile. Xiaomi is already advertising that they are offering all the google services. The main advantage Samsung has here is that Xiaomi being a Chinese brand. Many people who are not buying Huawei smartphones due to trust issues will think twice before purchasing another Chinese mobile brand. The longer this USA, China trade war going forward, the more dominance Samsung will have over the tech world because other competitors like Oppo and Vivo are also Chinese brands.

Samsung also publicly withdrew their products in China and moved to India and Vietnam, where the USA is also trying to build partnerships.

People are demanding more Samsung smartphones, and Samsung is also up to the task. Currently, they are supplying phones for every market. Samsung is issuing Galaxy A and M series for lower and mid-range needs and Galaxy S series, foldable phones for higher-end calls.

Samsung specially introduced the Galaxy A and M series for South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, where there is a high demand for low and mid-range smartphones. A mobile phone shop near you may have a variety of Samsung smartphones than any other brand.

If we talk about the Apple company, they introduced the 5G technology for their new iPhone 12 models, and they did it in a big way. This benefits Samsung since Huawei was banned from the USA and Europe from building a 5G infrastructure. There is a high possibility that Samsung is going to replace them.

If somehow the USA completely cut ties with China and the rest of the world follows their lead, China may want to retaliate by banning USA products. This will be a massive advantage for Samsung to capture the bulk of market share from Huawei or other Chinese smartphone brands. If somehow 30%-40% of the smartphone users become Samsung users, they can sell more appliances where they will efficiently work with each Samsung device. With this, Samsung will become the biggest tech giant in the world in the coming years.