What is your choice? iPhone or Android?

What is your choice? iPhone or Android?

iPhone or Android, this has been a question for everyone who wants to buy a new smartphone nowadays. Back in the this was a no-brainer because if you have enough money an iPhone was the better choice since it has no lag and software experience, and cameras were way better than any android phone. But things have changed in past few years. Android caught up to Apple and some people even say Android is better than Apple now. So, we will see what is going on there.

 If we talk about why Apple is better, we must talk about IOS. This operating system of the Apple smartphone has always been exceptionally smooth. It works well with a lot of applications. For example, IOS works well with Instagram and Facebook apps because they were optimized to work with them. The reason is the developers simply have to develop those apps only for one operating system and that’s it. But when it comes to Android there are a lot of operating systems on top of androids like Samsung and Xiaomi using One UI and MIUI, respectively. It would be pretty hard to develop apps for each OS in android. So, some applications tend to work flawlessly with Apple than Android.

Another thing is when you are in the Apple eco-system (where you use other Apple devices) it is easy to connect your phone and work with them. Since they are developed by the same company sharing photos or videos from one device to another is seamless. In Android when connecting to other devices (for example Windows laptop) can be a bit of a hassle and won’t be smooth like Apple.

Also, IOS is a simple OS without any bloatware but in some android smartphones there is a lot of bloatware, so IOS seems a little lite and simple to use.

Talking about software updates, Apples guarantee 5 years of software updates were for most Android devices only offer 3 years of software updates. Also, Apple is quick to distribute updates for their phones, but Android phone companies are slow in doing this. When a new version of IOS is released it is available for every iPhone eligible the same day it was released.

So, we focus on hardware Apple wins again. Since they build most of the hardware parts themselves it is high in quality and works better with the software.

Even though Android phones come close iPhone still has a better camera and video-taking abilities. Their nighttime photos are always been better and keep improving every year.

So now lets why almost 80% of smartphone uses android smartphones.

The main reason for this is there are a variety of android phones for different prices. So, you do not have to break the bank to buy a smartphone where iPhone can be expensive. For example iPhone 12 mini costs US$ 699 where the One Plus 8 comes with a smoother 120Hz, 6.55 Inches large display, and a much larger battery with a telephoto lens.  

Talking about the Android software it is largely customizable. Apple is also trying to be a little bit customizable with their latest update but still not like Android. In Android, you can download tons of 3rd party apps like media players, different skins, etc. You can also completely change the default theme and apply whatever theme you like.

Although there is a lot of bloatware on some android devices has a lot bloatware Android smartphones like One Plus and Google Pixel have a clean operating system without bloatware.

A lot of Android phones are coming with a USD type C charging cable and now a day’s lot of tech products are also coming with a USB type C port. Since type C is universal the connectivity is easy for Android phones.

With the type C cables fast charging is also an option. For an example One Plus 8t can fully charge its large battery from 0% to 95% in just 30 minutes.

Most of the innovative features are coming to android earlier than Apple. For example, Apple is still to have an in-display fingerprint scanner. Also, modern iPhones still have a big notch where even cheaper Android phones have an almost full-screen phone with a punch-hole display.

Even though Apple has a good camera some Android phones like Google Pixel and Samsung flagship phones can still take decent photos and in some areas, those photos can be better.

So, what would you choose? As you can see each iPhone and Android phones have pros or cons. So, it up to you to choose. If you just want a simple phone for day-to-day activities and maybe hooked in the Apple ecosystem, it will make sense to buy an iPhone.

If you are in more customizable experiences and want more features for a low price there are plenty of Android phones for you to choose from.